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Subcontractor Opportunity

Request for Qualification Applications


CMAR Contract No. 19-4572, PWP # CL-2019-194

 Martin Harris-Turner, A Joint Venture, in its capacity as Construction Manager at Risk, and pursuant to NRS 338.16991, hereby invites properly licensed subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors to submit a qualification application to become eligible to bid on:

Long Lead Systems: Structural Steel, Composite Metal Panels, Glass and Glazing, and Vertical Transportation

The LVCC District Phase Three Renovation project is an overall renovation to the existing Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Center and will be completed in a series of different sequences.  Renovations will include Enhancements to Concession Areas, Restrooms, Customer Entrance Portholes, Lobby Space, Meeting Rooms and Loading areas.  Upgrades to the Power Distribution and HVAC Systems, Lighting, Technology, Safety and Security.  The Iconic Ribbon Roof and Entry feature along with an expansion to the South Hall will be added to the existing campus and an upgrade to all finishes are only parts of this renovation. This is a Prevailing Wage Project that will be utilizing a Contractors Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP), and a Project Labor Agreement (PLA)

This project is subject to the requirements of the State of Nevada, 30th Special Session (2016), SB-1.  LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS, WBE, MBE, VOSB, SDVOSB, DBE and Diverse subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors are encouraged to participate in this qualification process directly and through bidding subcontractors.

All Interested parties must be qualified pursuant to NRS 338.16991.  Qualification Applications can be downloaded from the subcontractor’s tab on our website,  Please contact Matt Scruggs at or 702-474-8169, if you have any questions.

Martin Harris Turner, A Joint Venture is an equal opportunity employer